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Stage & Screenplays written by Renee McClellan


Press Telegram –

REESIE’S PIECES (comedy) – post-production – short

Tagline: When your eyes don’t match what your ears are hearing

Logline: Shareese Hudson accuses her husband, David, of adjusting another woman’s nipples…on her bike. This accusation leads them on a bike ride that changes the direction of their marriage.

EMPRESS (action) – in development – (feature)

Tagline: The Sisters for Life become the Daughters of Death

Logline: Ex-CIA Operatives give up anonymity to save one of their own.

HERSTORY: The Things We’ve Lost – in development – (literary)

Tagline: Female Filmmakers as an Oxymoron

Logline: Female filmmakers discuss their journey toward becoming complete after a great loss.

HERSTORY:  The Things We’ve Gained (dramatic comedy) – in development – (feature)

Tagline: An Unnecessary Necessity

Logline: A female film crew fight, fuss and finagle to get their project in the can.

ANATOMY OF A FIEND (thriller/dark comedy) – pre-production – (short)

Tagline: Be Afraid

Logline: A devilishly fiendish serial killer hunts a particular kind of prey.

THE GOOD CATCH (reality show) – in development – (dating game show)

Tagline: In the dating World, What will You Catch?

Logline: Eligible Men & Women vie for each others affections

THE 2nd COMING (comedy) – in development – short

Tagline: Love, Lust & the Pursuit of the Big O

Logline: When her college-aged sexually mischievous niece stops by for a visit, a retired Nun is encouraged to explore her sexuality.

HELLARIOUS (horror/comedy) – in development – feature

Tagline: When “You Slay me,” really isn’t funny

Logline: A group of struggling comedians compete in the revered Last Comic Standing competition at a uniquely designed Las Vegas casino only to realize that the casino is haunted and each comedian is mysteriously disappearing.

THE RESCUE (drama) – produced – short (English & Spanish)

Tagline: Love is Just a Rescue Away

Logline: An alcoholic father and his despondent daughter struggle to reclaim their lives after a terrible car accident claims the life of his wife.

DUFFLE BAG BABY (drama/thriller) – completed – feature

Tagline: The Journey Home is in the Bag

Logline: After a difficult time finding employment, a young Mexican mother brings her baby to work with her in a duffle bag then the bag is stolen.

JULIAN’S JOURNEY (drama) – completed – feature - SUNDANCE SELECTION

Tagline: If Doubt Troubles Your Soul, Love Will Decide Your Fate

Logline: A happily married woman is violently raped. Fourteen years later her psychosis intensifies when she looks into the young face of her now 14 year-old teenaged son and sees the rapist staring back.

PYT/MIDDLE SCHOOL SLEUTHS (family comedy) – completed – feature

Tagline: Father may know More…But Daughter knows Best!

Logline: After witnessing her scientist father accidentally ingest a fast acting youth serum, a rebellious home-schooled science-hating introvert must embrace the one subject she hates the most before her father regresses to infancy.

GLORY, GRACE & JUSTICE (drama) – completed – feature

Tagline: Home is where Your Truth Lives

Logline: An Ambitious Chicago lawyer returns to her humble beginnings in Atlanta to bury her strict minister father and face her two younger sisters she had abandoned years before.

SUNSHINE & SUSTENANCE (comedy/drama) – completed – feature

Tagline: How High Can You Go?

Logline: A former super model way past her prime returns to sunny California to rid herself of her difficult marriage but discovers her future when she falls for the local gardener who appears to be manufacturing marijuana in her backyard.

REPLICA (action/thriller) – in development – feature

Tagline: There is Nothing as Deadly as a Woman Scorned

Logline: After finding her twin brother disguised as a woman and laying in a puddle of blood, a tough New York City S.W.A.T. member seeks answers, unaware that the hired killer, after seeing her, believes his assignment was incomplete.

THE OTHER CINDERELLA (family comedy) – in development – feature

Tagline: You can never run fast enough to get away from yourself

Logline: Coming-of-age tale of a high school athlete who discovers her power and the will to follow her own destiny after losing her widowed father and being tolerated by her bitter stepmother and her two over-indulged step-sisters.

RAMSEYS II – (drama)  - in development – feature

Tagline: The Quests of our Fathers

Logline: Dorian Ramseys is transported to ancient Egyptian times when his ancestors were ruling the land..

DAY OF RECKONING – (action) – in development – feature

Tagline: Your Choices can Design your Life, Your Actions will determine your Future

Logline: Coming-of-age tale of a young man who is determined to come out of the shadows of his drug dealing father.

THE GODSON (comedy) – in development – feature

Tagline: When your Godson is ungodly, you better Run!

Logline: A recent college graduate, in order to keep his rebellious wanna-be gangster God son from becoming a criminal, inadvertently becomes what he was trying to prevent.

BEYOND THE PRETTY DOOR – produced – short – AWARD WINNING * Pan African Film Festival * Hollywood Black Film Festival * Philadelphia First Glance *  BET Best Shorts

Tagline: Fear Can Leave you Hopeless, Love Can Leave you Fearless

Logline: Reese Turner was nearly ten-years-old before she realized that “worthless bitch” was not her middle name.  Her mother used this particular vernacular as often as she spoke and the words escaped her lips like venom from a snake’s bite.  Reese grew up in a world of pretty doors, manicured lawns and the facade of normalcy.  However, she quickly discovered that her life was anything but normal.  Along with her sister, Angel, and brother, Joey, she had to endure the misery and late night tirades from their manic depressant mother.  She expressed her malcontent with being an abandoned overworked single parent with mental, emotional and physical abuse.  Reese, Angel, and Joey had no choice but to find solace in each other.

CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? (drama) – produced – short

ANATOMY OF A FIEND (drama) – completed – short

THE SUM OF ALL THINGS (drama) – completed – short

READING TO KIDS - WIF – PSA – produced

ROSA’S CHECK-UP - PSA – WIF & City TV of Santa Monica - produced

PICK-ME - PSA -  WIF & City TV of Santa Monica - produced – EMMY WINNER

LIVE WITHOUT LIMITS - PSA/Video – WIF & City TV of Santa Monica – produced

KIDS IN THE SPOTLIGHT – PSA/Video – WIF – produced

CASTLE - completed – episodic spec

SONNY WITH A CHANCE – completed – comedy spec

DAZE OF RECKONING – original episodic spec

NO ORDINARY LOVE – produced – Chicago/Long Beach – stage

GLORY, GRACE & JUSTICE – produced  - Chicago/LA –  stage

WOMEN OF COLOR – in development – stage

HOW SWEET IT IS – musical – in development – stage

AIN’T NO WAY – musical – in development – stage

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